Relaxation Course


Oil treatment course

This is an oil treatment with a handjob course. The staff will massage you naked. This course does not include oral or sexual performances. If the staff is washing your body during the shower, an additional 1,000 yen will be charged. This course does not include oral or sexual performances.

 60 minutes 9,000 yen

 90 minutes 12,000 yen

 120 minutes 15,000 yen

 Lengthening time additional 30 minutes 4,000 yen

​・Our Private room charge +1,000 yen
・Outcall service fee +1,000 yen

 *After 24:00 Additional subsidized fares 

 *Additional subsidized fares in remote areas


・Take a shower with staff +1,000 yen

Escort Course

This is a sexual course.
Massage is not included in this course. Anal sex is possible for this course. (Please confirm whether each staff is compatible with anal plays.) We refuse sexual plays without the consent of the staff.

it means that the staff is not good at being bottom. The staff may also not be able to comply depending on the physical condition on that day. If the staff wash your body during the shower, it will cost 1,000 yen separately.

 60 minutes 11,000 yen *without anal play

 90 minutes 14,000 yen

 120 minutes 17,000 yen

 150 minutes 20,000 yen


 Lengthening time additional 30 minutes 4,000 yen

​・Our Private room charge +1,000 yen
・Outcall service fee +1,000 yen

 *After 24:00 Additional subsidized fares 

 *Additional subsidized fares in remote areas


・Take a shower with staff +1,000 yen

Relaxation & Escort Course

This course allows enjoyment of both oil treatment and sexual plays.

If the staff wash your body during the shower, it will cost 1,000 yen separately.

 90 minutes 17,000 yen

 120 minutes 20,000 yen

 150 minutes 23,000 yen

 180 minutes 26,000 yen


 Lengthening time additional 30 minutes 4,000 yen

​・Our Private room charge +1,000 yen
・Outcall service fee +1,000 yen

 *After 24:00 Additional subsidized fares 

 *Additional subsidized fares in remote areas


・Take a shower with staff +1,000 yen

OPEN HOURS: 11:00 - 24:00

Menz Relaxaton

Zebra Spa​

Relaxation & Escort by muscle guys


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3 Hakata Eki higashi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-city Japan  812-0013 福岡県福岡市博多駅東3丁目

[Reservations may not be available on the day.  Please make a reservation the day before]

Our service is by reservation only.
Advance reservations are required for use of our services.
We only accept payment in cash in Japanese yen.
We accept reservations via phone or email.
We highly recommend reservations via email; our staffs are not proficient in English.
* We use machine translations for email enquires so please feel free to correspond in English.
* When making email enquires please set your email settings to allow emails from
E-MAIL: | LINE ID: @ljt7484a to be accepted so that you can receive emails from our ou



Please enjoy our rules and enjoy yourself.
The following items are ignored, and visitors who do not follow the rules will not be allowed to visit or use the store.

[About use]
■ Please refrain from using this service if you are injured or have an abnormality.
■ Our shop is for men. The use of those under the age of 18 (under 17 years old) and the use of women is not allowed.
■ Shower time is included in the course time.
■ Be sure to use a condom for anal play. In addition, anal play may not be smooth due to the physical condition of the boy and the size of the customer. Please note.
■ Reservations may be forced to change depending on the boy's physical condition and circumstances. Please note.

■ 3000 yen will be charged as a cancellation fee for both private rooms and business trips. please note that.
■ For business trips, please pay a cancellation fee of 3000 yen and a separate round-trip transportation fee.

■ In order to protect privacy, we strictly refuse to ask or investigate our staff's real name, address and contact details.
■ In order to prevent troubles, it is strictly prohibited to tell the boy the contact information of the customer's mobile phone number, e-mail address, etc.
■ Photography and video shooting are strictly prohibited. Please do not do that.
■ We are strictly prohibited from meeting our staff outside the designated hours.
■ The use of drugs is strictly prohibited.
■ Please refrain from scouting regardless of your peers
■ Strictly deal with slander and writing on the net. We will request damages from a lawyer.

■ Please make settings so that you will receive an email reply from when you contact us via email.
■ Contact from here may not be possible immediately. If you do not receive a reply for more than one hour, please check the settings and contact us again.

If you have any questions, please contact our shop. We look forward to your visit

Zebra Spa Yuji



■ About reservation

Q How should I make a reservation?

A You can make a reservation smoothly if you make a reservation from Contact form on the homepage.
You can also make a reservation from LINE or E-mail below.


At that time, necessary information
① Desired date and time [** Month ** Day (* Day of the week) **: ****]
②Course [Relaxation / Escort / Relaxation + Escort]
③Time [60 minutes / 90 minutes / 120 minutes / 150 minutes]
④ Nominated staff ・ ⑤ Private room use or business trip
⑥ Shower accompanied or not

Please make a reservation smoothly.
* We do not make reservations over the phone, but if you fill in your number, you can call us here.

Q I have made a reservation but there is no reply
A First, make sure that it does not reach the spam mail folder.
Many other causes are as follows.
・ Your email address on the reservation form is incorrect.
・ Reception is blocked due to spam countermeasures.
In the case of smartphones and mobile phones, if spam mail measures are taken, you will not receive a reply email from here, so please change the settings, such as temporarily canceling the reception rejection setting.

■ About treatment

Q What effect does the relaxation course have?
A It can improve lymphatic and blood flow, and it can be expected to improve neuralgia and coldness, low back pain, stiff shoulders, forty shoulders, back and neck pain, eye strain, headache, visceral upset and various other painful symptoms.
Zebra Spa relaxation is a little more acupressure to suit your breathing. While we feel the warmth of the skin, we are trial and error to release the stress of our customers and we are proud that it is a very unique treatment.

Q Can I touch it during the treatment?
A In order to open your body and mind, both customers and staff will be treated naked. This is because we want our customers to relieve their daily stress. Of course, it is possible to wear a clothing course.
I think that there are many things to touch because they are naked each other during the course. You can feel free to touch it as long as there is no problem.
I would be happy if you can come to the relaxation course with the feeling of "I want to heal my tired body" or "I want to manage my shoulder stiffness".

Q Can I change from a relaxation course to an escort course?
A Yes. Please pay the difference.
For example, if you make a reservation for a relaxation course of 60 minutes, it will be changed to 30 minutes extension + escort, and the difference will be 8,000 yen.

Q Is there an option?
A Only accompanied by a shower with our staff.

Q Is it possible to extend the course during treatment?
A Yes, without the next reservation. Please say a voice during the treatment.

■ About our staff

Q I want to see the face image of the staff
A I'm very sorry, but from the viewpoint of protecting privacy, face images will not be disclosed.
Only the images listed on the homepage. There is no album at all. (Hakata has a smaller gay population than Tokyo, Osaka, etc., and it is easy to be identified if it appears. A good-quality handsome staff works because it does not appear.)

Q Why do you get good staff?
A I always scout. This is because the salary system is also expensive.

Q Why is it taking so long to debut?
A The training will be held for a considerable time until the customer can be satisfied.
Since customers will be charged high usage fees, we provide appropriate customer service manners and technical training. At Zebra Spa, all staff members are highly professional and strive to satisfy customers every day.

■ About Outcall Service

Q Can I go on a business trip?
A Of course we welcome you. Please contact us.

Q Do you have anything to prepare for your business trip?
A We will prepare the necessary items from here, so please prepare only the space for treatment. Of course, you don't have to worry about cleaning.

■ Other

Q Can I use a credit card?
A Unfortunately, credit cards are not currently accepted. We will only accept cash.

Q Is it okay without reservations?
A Our shop is a complete reservation system. Please contact us on the day or for the future.

Q I am not confident, but can I go there?
A You don't have to worry about your age, body shape, or appearance.
We would be happy if we could make a lot of deep stories that can only be achieved with Zebra Spa.
Our shop is thorough in making shops that are easy for beginners to use. I would be happy if you could feel free to use it.

Q Is it possible to make reservations after hours, such as at night?
A We will accept as much as possible if you can consult in advance. Please be assured that there are no special rates even at midnight.

Q I don't want to meet other customers
A Our shop is a complete reservation system. There are no faces other than the staff. Please be assured that we take great care.

Q I am normal, not gay, can I use it?
A Of course you can use it. Our shop is open to all men.
Sorry for your inconvenience, but if you would like an ordinary massage, please fill in the “Normal” in the inquiry form on the reservation form.
If there is no entry for “Normal”, a refresh will automatically be entered.

Q I expect refreshment, but how erotic is it?
A Our shop's basic policy is emphasis on treatment. Please consider refreshing to be included.
In principle, excessive refresh is not allowed, so please change to an escort course.
In the past, there was a staff member who requested excessive service from customers and accepted it without notice, but the contract was canceled.


Want to work at Zebra Spa?
“Zebra Spa” is looking for male therapists.
With a full training system, both experienced and inexperienced people will support your dreams with the best compensation system in the industry.
Our therapists all have big dreams. Please join us!

We are looking forward to hearing from you

Zebra Spa Yuji